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To Ignite The Breath

I realized, after the fact, that we missed last month’s Dragon Festival. Doh. So Sunday evening I decided to break our self-imposed crankiness-quarantine, and take our chances at another annual event…the Japanese Lantern Lighting Festival at Como Park. An old friend was brave enough to join us, and even gave the little man and I a lift in his shiny new red Jetta, which helped to lift our spirits some. The gorgeous weather didn’t hurt either. And then there were the kites. Absolutely captivating.

More on-the-scene photojournalism from Dave and Huey-Ling in Taiwan. They bring us: Tinkle Body Razor…and other assorted goodies.

And, courtesy of the husband, two different versions of the “How to Fold a Shirt” instructional videos: 1) short and 2) long.
I've had that<br />

getting the<br />
octopus kite into the air

octopus kite in<br />
action, with crazy cool tentacles

broccoli dave,<br />
watching the kites

yellow paper<br />
lantern at dusk

frog with<br />

couldn't<br />
decide which shot I prefer

couldn't<br />
decide which shot I prefer

from this<br />

and that<br />
Bonus: If you have the patience, here’s a little (6MB) video of the Octopus kite in action (the tentacles were crazy cool). My host is currently a bit on the sluggish side, but will be upgraded next month.