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Ma Famille Glorieuse

A cloud of crankiness has inexplicably descended upon our household this weekend. We’ve thought it best to stay put in order to spare the outside world from our extreme crabbiness, but the boredom isn’t helping matters much.
To spare the little man from overhearing my vulgarities, I’ve found myself holding my tongue and instead flipping off the husband more frequently. Only when the little man is not looking, of course.
Back when the boy was still wee I bought him a pair of plaid boxer shorts, more for the novelty than anything. But he’s been wearing them the past couple of years, paired with a t-shirt, as summertime jammies. Sadly he recently became aware of the frontal opening, and now refuses to wear them on the grounds that they are damaged goods, having a “hole” in them. I’ve tried reasoning with him, and telling him that they are supposed to be that way, and explaining why, but it’s no use. Guess I’ll just have to sew up the front.
Speaking of sleep, not long ago the husband was exhausted after working two consecutive night shifts. Our bedroom is excessively bright during the day (note to self: acquire some room darkening drapes) and so he’s been wearing a sleep/eye mask. As he was stumbling off to bed I asked him why he had attached lego pieces to both sides of said mask. He responded “to keep the sleep fairies in”. Naturally he wouldn’t allow photographic evidence of this curiousity.