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Boldly Going Nowhere

My current slothfulness is reaching staggering levels, even for me. Distractions abound and I cannot resist. Last week I read four books (two fiction, two non). This week has mainly been about teevee and video. It started with Olympics coverage, but segued into a few films…Va Savoir, Office Space, and The Maltese Falcon. And last night I found myself getting sucked into Firefly. I’m ashamed to admit, as a long-time Joss Whedon fan, that it’s taken me until now to start watching the ambitious yet ill-fated and incomplete season…a marriage of science fiction and old-timey western, not unlike my beloved Cowboy Bebop. At 2:30am I was ready to keep watching until I’d blazed through all of it, but some shred of common sense prevailed, a tiny voice telling me to get my ass to bed, as the little man’s wakeup call wouldn’t be too far off. I will resume viewing this evening, while attempting to savor each episode…but I’m not sure how well I can pace myself. I’ve been known to have poor impulse control.

Yummy Chinese Restaurant, down the block from Evergreen