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Tour Of Swing States To Try And Help John Kerry Get Elected

Last I heard Minnesota was a swing state, but Yo La Tengo is skipping us on their upcoming pep rally/tour. The closest they’ll be coming is Madison. But Bush isn’t Saint Paul-shy. He dropped by yesterday, to hang out with his new buddy, our political soul-selling mayor. I had every intention of heading down to the DFL demonstration with the little man, to give voice to my disgust. But the rain clouds cleared up and the playground started calling us. So we ventured there instead, where, from the bluffs, the clear view of downtown St. Paul only served to remind me of my transgression…what with all the extra police cars and secret service vehicles converging on the Xcel Center. The helicopters hovering and circling overhead did little to assuage my guilt either. But the little man was all smiles, running and jumping and having an all-around good time. He even fell asleep without any fuss, while watching men’s gymnastics with mama. Before dozing off he was fixated by the floor exercise routines, telling me he was going to jump just like that. I’m guessing he had some pretty sweet dreams last night.
asleep on the<br />
blue couch