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Like Making The Beds In A Burning House

I didn’t have to check to know that the pollen count in our area would be considered “very high”. The little man confirmed my suspicions. Earlier we were talking about color so I asked:

“What color are mommy’s eyes?”
(We have this terrible habit of referring to ourselves in the third person, and I swear, mommy didn’t start it.)
Instead of saying the usual “green” he replied with “red”.

And man, am I ever feeling it…and feeling hopeless and helpless after trying every allergy medication on the market, prescription and non, and getting the runaround from our doctor’s office and insurance company. Desperation led to sudafed consumption, which has only caused me to feel queasy and jittery while my nose still runs like a faucet. Right about now I’d love to move to pollen-free Iceland, if only for a little while.
Bonus: We’ve also just become aware of the fact that, because of the husband’s cornea transplant last year, he is ineligible to donate blood…due to some concerns about Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease (CJD). I’m damned sure the eye surgeon never mentioned anything about this. Fun.