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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Masters of Self Destruction

My son’s school was closed Thursday and Friday for MEA. We look forward to this long weekend every October. I usually take advantage of it by taking him up North (more photos to come). Last year we went up to Madeline Island and it was absolutely lovely. This time we returned to Biwabik, where we [...]

Bad Luck At Sea

Another year. Yesterday would have been my brother’s 43rd birthday. Instead he didn’t live to see his 19th. Sunday night I saw Bill Callahan, again, at The Cedar. His music elicits an appropriately mournful response.
Five other items of note:

I appreciate The Oatmeal’s take on Columbus Day. I hope some public school teachers end up using [...]

Yonder Is Closer to The Heart

Happy Friday! It’s also National Coming Out Day. And my awesome gay boss and her adorable family unit are featured in HuffPost. Pretty cool.
Five more good things for this fine Friday:

A Father Photographs the World of His Autistic Son
Firefighter Rescues A Kitten From A Burning House, Catches It All On A GoPro Camera
In more light-hearted [...]

Love At First Bite

That last Wednesday’s screening of Dracula in a cemetery was rained out was a sadness. But it will be attempted again tonight and it’s looking like blue skies. Or clear skies, at any rate (it is getting darker earlier and needs to be darkish before we can watch the movie outside, of course). The weather [...]

Happiness is Moments

We had another fine (and busy) weekend. A goodbye party with karaoke, a backyard fire, a Fall farm festival with friends, brunch, a visit with my Dad, a backyard BBQ with music. And I’ve been keeping the good mojo going into this week. After years of on-and-off YWCA membership we made the switch to the [...]