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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Hope is Important

Last night I went out to see The Chambermaids with some friends, which was lovely (despite the small turnout) but my Saturday has been decidedly more somber. The husband’s been uncharacteristically motivated. This is a good thing, to be taken advantage of. But we’ve been cleaning out a long-neglected storage area. One that contains the [...]

Last Night I Missed All The Fireworks

Whoa. It would seem I fell asleep before 8pm tonight. When I woke up a bit ago, around 11ish, I had no idea what day it was…and wasn’t sure whether or not I missed the Damien Jurado show at the Turf Club. Thankfully that’s still about 20+ hours into the future. Oh, and I woke [...]

Respond to the Needs of the Time

The little man has been a bit under the weather. He’s usually my human alarm clock but I’ve managed to wake up before him two days in a row now. Today I heard him coughing in his room, and then talking loudly. I went in and asked “oh, what’d you say honey?” He replied, “I [...]

The Fragile Art of a Good Excuse

What a full weekend. Saturday was especially jam-packed. Yes, I made it to the MOA (which was also jam-packed) and to 3 out of 5 social engagements. High Five!

Even though I’d been to a Pizza Luce on Friday, I went to another on Saturday (the Lyndale location), to meet up with a friend and have [...]

Here’s Your Future

Lately we’ve been back to our old morning struggle, with the little man feigning illness or inventing arbitrary excuses to get out of going to school. Yesterday I finally asked some probing questions to get to the bottom of it. Unfortunately his answer was a reasonable one, but something I can do little about:
The grown-ups [...]

Raw-Throated but High-Minded

Last night I made a solo run to the co-op. This morning, when the little man walked in to the kitchen, he saw one of the items I had restocked and squealed “Yay! More wheat germ!” Only at my house folks. Not that I’m complaining…
So, another crazy-busy weekend is just around the bend. Tomorrow night [...]

Away From Outward

The husband has returned from yet another business trip. But his adventures in Austin, Texas, well, they didn’t quite put the AU in Auesome. Or something. He left Sunday afternoon. On the way down his flight was delayed hours and hours. He booked a hotel near the client site, but Monday morning it took him [...]

The Girl Who Tamed the Tiger

So maybe I’m not all that…I did punk out on Friday night’s activities, in favor of sleeping. And today I drove the husband to the airport rather than walking for justice (hadn’t managed to raise any funds anyhow). But Saturday - that day was golden. I am proud of myself not only for having pulled [...]

The Wonder and Beauty and Strangeness of the Universe

Recently the little man was watching, rather intently, as I tied my shoelaces. Noting this I said “hey, I really need to teach you how to tie shoelaces” as the lad still wears slip-on Vans. He gazed at me and said, very earnestly, “no, you need to teach me how to fly.” Well, all right [...]

The Neuroscience of Social Interactions

And now is the time when the panic sets in. This coming Saturday we will be hosting the little man’s seventh birthday party. It promises to be the biggest one since his first, when I was so excited I’d managed to keep him alive for a WHOLE YEAR, singlehandedly, that I invited just about every [...]