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Respond to the Needs of the Time

The little man has been a bit under the weather. He’s usually my human alarm clock but I’ve managed to wake up before him two days in a row now. Today I heard him coughing in his room, and then talking loudly. I went in and asked “oh, what’d you say honey?” He replied, “I don’t know.” [pause] “And I was talking to myself.” Well, all righty then Mr. Crabbypants. He’s not going to get any less crabby either. Soon I’ll be taking him in for his annual physical, which he pretty much despises. I don’t think it’s his pediatrician he has a problem with, per se. It’s the fact he’s asked to take his shirt off in the examination room. The boy loves to run around the house half-naked, but there, that’s another story. And I get that. I’m just not looking forward to the struggle.

Speaking of struggle…it’s obvious that I’m all about the flickr love (I’ve even renewed my Pro account through 2011) but I’ve been experiencing the flickr frustration this week. On Monday I was completely unable to upload, via the uploadr or the upload web page. That’s been resolved. The new problem? When I attempt to add my photos to groups, via the dropdown, only a partial list of my groups loads. Only about half, through the Ms. Sure, I belong to 700+ groups, but still. It’s annoying. Thankfully the staff is aware of the issue. And I guess I can use the Organizr in the mean time.

New boots!

Bonus: The Boba Fett costume I was watching (on ebay) wound up going for $143.50. Yowza! But I think Plan B is a better one anyhow. I’m going to help the little man make a costume. His artwork is amazing and it will be oh so much cooler this way.
Plus: I’ve documented my Marjane Satrapi crush before, but I must not be a very good fangirl. I’ve just discovered that Sony is making a movie out of Persepolis. Stills can be seen here (via Fabulist). Squeeeeee!
And: A list of films that most frequently use the effenheimer. Now, how many of those have I seen? Hmmm…


  1. Rena wrote:

    OMG. Or should I say OMD…I almost bought these, mainly because they are almost an exact duplicate of my old Chinese Laundry ones I had in 1988. I wore them until about 1993 when there was nothing left of them. I figured if I bought these, with my luck a band of old high school peeps would *run into me* and think I never had any other shoes. The lining is RAD.

    Wednesday, September 27, 2006 at 4:17 pm | Permalink
  2. Sabrina wrote:

    I’m a fan of Satrapi as well, and excited to hear about the film! I’m also eager to see her when she comes to Mpls. on October 26th!

    Info at

    Wednesday, September 27, 2006 at 8:29 pm | Permalink
  3. Heehee. Rena, that is seriously awesome. Over the years I’ve also had some Chinese Laundry shoes that I’ve worn to death. And you should totally get some of these Rocket Dogs, and then wear them to your next reunion!

    Sabrina - thanks so much for the heads up! I fully intend to attend her reading, now that I know about it.

    Wednesday, September 27, 2006 at 8:50 pm | Permalink

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