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The Fragile Art of a Good Excuse

What a full weekend. Saturday was especially jam-packed. Yes, I made it to the MOA (which was also jam-packed) and to 3 out of 5 social engagements. High Five!

  • Even though I’d been to a Pizza Luce on Friday, I went to another on Saturday (the Lyndale location), to meet up with a friend and have a look at Isaac Arvold’s artwork. Amazing stuff. If I had an extra $495 this painting would be hanging in my home.
  • After that I headed to First Ave. As I waited in line I realized I’ve been frequenting that venue for 19 years now. This particular show was 18+, so I’ve been going there longer than a lot of the teenagers in attendance have been alive. That was a true “math is hard” moment. And it seems most of them were there for Cursive, who I’ve never really heard. But fuckin’ A I love The Thermals (and not just because Hutch Harris is hella hot). They’re one of those bands I’ve really connected with in the last couple of years, yet I don’t know anyone else who listens to them. I hate that. Everyone should adore The Thermals!
  • My final stop for the evening, I rolled up at my friend Maggie’s party just before midnight. That’s beyond fashionably late but I’m glad I made it. Those peeps really know how to make with the funny.

Apologies to Unny whose party I missed, and to little Dave, who I not only did not help move, but also did not join up with for a film at the Walker. How about we hook up for Dirty Ho? Or maybe The Jade Tiger. Let me know!

zipping up

Bonus: Download a 196-page Zelda comic PDF.
Plus: Not just Hydrox anymore…the other day I found out that Oreos are now vegan-safe. But they’re still fully processed foodstuffs, so I think we’ll stick to the organic Newman Os.
And: Also on Saturday, the little man made a big breakthrough. He can now blow up balloons on his own. That can be tricky work, yo. I think it’s really cool that he’s gotten the hang of it. But it’ll be a while longer before he can figure out how to tie the suckers off.

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