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Last Night I Missed All The Fireworks

Whoa. It would seem I fell asleep before 8pm tonight. When I woke up a bit ago, around 11ish, I had no idea what day it was…and wasn’t sure whether or not I missed the Damien Jurado show at the Turf Club. Thankfully that’s still about 20+ hours into the future. Oh, and I woke up to an email from Zophia asking this: “do you think that if i could bend time and space and teleport myself that people would notice?” So I’m going to blame my disorientation on her experimentations with the space-time continuum. Also tomorrow night, The Chambermaids are playing the Entry. And I missed their show a coupla weeks ago at The Hexagon, so I really ought to go. Unless I’m already asleep. Again.

Speaking of which…when the little man woke up this morning he had something to tell me, about our cat. Very solemnly he said, “Selina always talks in my dreams.” I asked “oh, so, what does she say?” He stared off into the distance for a moment before replying “I…don’t know.” If we could just get to the bottom of that I think we’d have the secrets to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Including the answers to all of Zophia’s time travel needs.

Mr. Whiskers

Bonus: Been listening to a lot of the following: the new Yo La Tengo, Idlewild (especially the early stuff, like Captain), the new one from The Thermals, and Kasabian, who are playing The Fine Line next week.
Plus: For a while now my attention span has been running shorter than usual. I’m way behind on my Netflix queue, and the books are piling up. But I’m going to make a serious effort to finish the Snake Agent. So far it’s pretty kickass. Now I just need to stay awake to read more of it.
And: This year’s Halloween costume sitch isn’t likely to be straightened out any time soon. Yesterday I broke the news to the kid that we weren’t getting the expensive Boba Fett costume. Rather than making one he declared he’d be a jedi instead. Oh, great, I thought, that’s easy! But then he declared he wanted to be…Anakin. Nooooooooooooooooo! Anyone but that whiny mofo!

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