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Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Is OK

Five OK things:

An interview with the immensely talented Marjane Satrapi.

This Sunday there will be a free showing of the silent film Nosferatu (at a Minneapolis church, of all places).

I didn’t get to see Justice perform here last week, but I did read a decent review of the NYC show.

Indecision. Made me snicker.
The No Coast Craft-O-Rama [...]

What’s Actually Keeping Us Going Is All These Different Kinds Of Love

The last 24 hours have contained equal parts brilliance and annoyance.

Being sober when friends are not. Can be very funny.
Hanging out with and hugging old friends and getting to know new ones. I am an extreme extrovert after all.
Strolling down to the neighborhood coffee shop this morning for vegan cherry streusel and a quick fix.
A [...]

It’s My Body and I’ll Cry If I Want To

The arm is healing but it’s going to take a little time. Yesterday I very carefully took a bath. This morning I’m desperate for a shower but I just know that’s going to sting like a mofo. Oh well.
As usual we have a crazy busy weekend ahead of us. While the little man has an [...]

Respond to the Needs of the Time

The little man has been a bit under the weather. He’s usually my human alarm clock but I’ve managed to wake up before him two days in a row now. Today I heard him coughing in his room, and then talking loudly. I went in and asked “oh, what’d you say honey?” He replied, “I [...]

Abandon The Search For Truth; Settle For A Good Fantasy

Last night I tried to keep occupied. Busied myself by taking the little man to have his hairs cut, and spending too much money at the co-op. Went home and made three different dinners (not all for myself). But as 10pm rolled around, I rolled into bed with the sad knowledge…that I was missing [...]

Art Is Nothing More Than Edited Creativity

I’ve always been an avid reader, mainly of fiction, but now that I’ve made a go at writing my own novel I’ve come to appreciate the medium even more. Note: several of the below titles didn’t come out in 2004, but I read them in 2004.
Fiction: 01: “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay” [...]

All Quiet On The Midwestern Front

Yesterday was busy, in a low-key sort of way. Our ECFE class regrouped after a two week break for the holidays. One mom I talked with suggested that I look into freelance indexing. I’m enough of a geek that it’s an appealing idea, but I’d need to network a lot to get the good [...]