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The Girl Who Tamed the Tiger

So maybe I’m not all that…I did punk out on Friday night’s activities, in favor of sleeping. And today I drove the husband to the airport rather than walking for justice (hadn’t managed to raise any funds anyhow). But Saturday - that day was golden. I am proud of myself not only for having pulled off the little man’s birthday party, but for attending my co-worker’s wedding reception afterwards, even though I’d been ready to collapse by 6pm. Yes, I do rule. Sometimes. Now I have to finish processing/posting the party photos, and then get up close and personal with some of the little man’s new toys. So many macro shots waiting to happen…


Bonus: One of the Daves I know told me about an upcoming series at the Walker. I’ll definitely be checking out Heroic Grace: Chinese Martial Arts Films.
Plus: Big congrats to Mathew and the Niffer, but too bad the guppy, now named Ferris, won’t be sharing a birthday with the little man after all. It was so close!
And: Also Saturday, I missed the MN Rollergirls home opener, but I will be at their next bout. Anyone care to join me?

It's not a party without Marty!

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