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The Wonder and Beauty and Strangeness of the Universe

Recently the little man was watching, rather intently, as I tied my shoelaces. Noting this I said “hey, I really need to teach you how to tie shoelaces” as the lad still wears slip-on Vans. He gazed at me and said, very earnestly, “no, you need to teach me how to fly.” Well, all right then. Looks like he’s inherited my penchant for fantasy. But no complaints from me. It’s rewarding to have conversations with him these days, and share with him the things I love. Especially now that he’s seven years old - today!

{insert speechless outpouring of love}

Seven years ago today...

Switching gears…for some reason I really like saying Total Fucking Blood. It’s the most ludicrous band name ever, but I like what I’ve heard. They’re playing the Entry tonight, with two drummers at the same time. But I already plan to go to the Poster Offensive opening reception, and then to see The Chambermaids and Cave Deaths at the Hexagon afterwards. It’s a free show and everything. But yes, I realize I am clearly insane, going out the night before the little man’s big birthday party. Especially when there are a thousand and one loose ends to tie up yet. Don’t get me started.

Also crazy, I’m planning to attend a co-worker’s wedding reception tomorrow night, after the birthday party. And then what, you ask, sleep in and relax Sunday? Hell no! We’ve got the Headwaters Walk for Justice that I haven’t done any fundraising for! And after that? The husband is hopping on a plane and heading out for yet another business trip. This time it’s domestic, and to a vegan-friendly city. But he won’t make the mistake of checking his laptop again.

Worlds Collide!

Bonus: Overheard at work: “Fuck Punjabi, I just want the internet to work” - which was especially funny because at the time I was listening to Chunari, Chunari, from the Monsoon Wedding soundtrack.
Plus: Who knew finger cots were so funny?
And: A waferbaby buddy of mine is having a baby today (well, his wife is). So their kid will have the same b-day as the little man. Yay!

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