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Monthly Archives: November 2007

An Apparently Insoluble Difficulty

Did someone open an extra big can of crazy this week? Sure feels like it. And it’s not just me. It’s been a rough/weird time for a lot of folks I know. Is it something in the air? The general malaise of the impending holidays? Circadian rhythm disruptions? Whatever it is, I’d like for it [...]

Moments of Unreality

There was so much blood. One should not see one’s child covered in blood. And it seemed to come out of nowhere. One minute I was coaxing him to down a dose of cough syrup, which he was refusing, the next his coughing fit was producing blood. It was probably a relatively small amount, but [...]

The Fast Rushing River of Time

Dang, it’s going to be December this weekend. Stating the obvious, I know, but still. And the first falls on Saturday, which makes it the Walker’s Free First Saturday. Again. I don’t think we’ll be rolling down the big hill this time. Suddenly it’s too danged cold (5 degrees out this morning!) but we could [...]

Acceptable Intuitive Leaps

Nothing makes me feel like an orphan quite like the holidays. This Thanksgiving the only relative I saw was the one I brought into this world. I used to rely heavily on J and his family, to ensure my beautiful little man would be surrounded by people who loved him. All year round and not [...]

A World That Worked On Story Logic

Yes, I am very thankful. Especially thankful for the impending four-day weekend. And kinda looking forward to Black Friday, only because Buy Nothing Day is a good excuse to stay home and catch up on cleaning and letter-writing and mix CD making and reading and relaxing. Some randomness:

My co-worker Rett was interviewed for All Things [...]

I Am Nobody’s Little Weasel

Last night I watched Heroes on the teevee, in all it’s grainy glory (I can just barely tune in to NBC). I was appalled by the early onslaught of obnoxious holiday commercials. The most sickening are all those sexist diamond jewelry ads and Home Depot ads. Gah. Still, I’m no grinch. The holidays sometimes [...]

An Ecstatic Experience

Watching as others get out of control drunk only makes me glad I don’t imbibe. I pull enough bonehead moves as it is, without adding alcohol to the equation. But even though I don’t drink, I’m amused that my Thanksgiving hosts have ensured there will be vegan-friendly white russians on the menu.
So. The weekend. It [...]

An Ultimate State of Inert Uniformity

Five not-so-fun things:

After work/school yesterday we were supposed to head over to J’s place, to play the brand new Super Mario Galaxy. The little man, who loves anything Mario-related, was too tired and just wanted to head home. So sad.
Upon returning home I picked up the mail. A pile of catalogs I didn’t want, plus [...]

So Foolish It’s Genius

Five good things:

Yesterday I realized one of my 6g earrings was no longer in my earlobe. Mild panic ensued. But when I got home I checked the shower, and, sure enough, it was just barely hanging on in the drain. Crisis narrowly averted.
The fifth annual lunch show. I’ve been looking forward to this for a [...]

Murky Psychological Guesswork

If I’m concerned about my own morbid preoccupations lately (I broke down and bought the box sets for Bones, seasons 1 and 2), I’m equally alarmed by the little man’s violent proclivities. This weekend we hung out at J’s place, sharing meals and playing games on the Wii. I’m pretty sure Zack & Wiki (which [...]