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Moments of Unreality

There was so much blood. One should not see one’s child covered in blood. And it seemed to come out of nowhere. One minute I was coaxing him to down a dose of cough syrup, which he was refusing, the next his coughing fit was producing blood. It was probably a relatively small amount, but the coughing sprayed it everywhere. The kitchen floor. The kitchen sink. His clothes. Just covered. Seeing his own blood only made him panic, and I came close to losing my shit myself. Thankfully mom mode took over. I got him cleaned up and settled down as much as possible and grabbed the phone. Got through after waiting on hold for a few minutes that felt like an eternity, then hauled ass to the clinic. Chest and sinus x-rays and bloodwork were inconclusive. We were given an antibiotic just in case. The first dose caused him to puke for the first time in his life…all over me and the floor. And then he got his first nosebleed, which led to renewed panic.

That was yesterday. Today was a brand new day. No blood. No puking. But he didn’t have much of an appetite and little energy. And the battle over his antibiotic was exhausting to us both (you wouldn’t think someone could get so worked up about taking just 5mls of medicine). But we played a few games of Connect Four. And watched the intro to Katamari Damacy. Repeatedly. And an episode or two of Aliens in America (which is really most excellent). And then there was this gem, when he turned to me, excitedly, and suggested “mom, we should turn the shrinky dinks into growing dinks!”

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Batgirl, 2

Bonus: I’m a long-time Low fan, but somehow I’ve missed all of the Retribution Gospel Choir shows. Here are some quality live videos of them performing.
Plus: I like the idea behind One Laptop Per Child, and would love to have one of the units to play with. But like J says, I’m skeptical that what poor kids need most is internet access.
And: The month of mustachio is coming to a close at Clockwork. The beard cap would be just the thing for those of who cannot grow facial hair. Now I just need someone to knit me a vegan-friendly version (no wool), in less than a week.


  1. shokufeh wrote:

    Yikes, so sorry. I hope the little man is well soon. And good luck with the medicine administration. I still have clear memories of battling my parents over the asthma meds I had to take as a kid. Of course, the battle and anxiety just kicked the wheezing up a notch. So I’m really sympathizing with both of you.

    Friday, November 30, 2007 at 9:43 am | Permalink
  2. Oh man, those asthma meds can be harsh. Today was a little better with the antibiotic. But I had to resort to a bribe. The boy was rewarded with a soy ice cream sandwich for taking today’s dose. But he still complained bitterly about it.

    Oh, on the phone with J today he reminded me that the little man has actually puked before. But both times involved oral surgery. So that wasn’t at home, and I kinda sorta blocked it out. Also? J says I left out the best part of the story from Wednesday. Right before the poor kid was about to puke he had walked up to me and said “uh oh.” Sigh.

    I do hope he’s feeling better soon.

    Friday, November 30, 2007 at 9:54 pm | Permalink

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