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The Fast Rushing River of Time

Dang, it’s going to be December this weekend. Stating the obvious, I know, but still. And the first falls on Saturday, which makes it the Walker’s Free First Saturday. Again. I don’t think we’ll be rolling down the big hill this time. Suddenly it’s too danged cold (5 degrees out this morning!) but we could stay nice and warm inside with the Hip-Hop Hooray program. If only my son would be as interested in that as he now is in Saturday morning cartoons. The novelty hasn’t worn off yet and I’m afraid it won’t any time soon. What a bonehead move that was. And the award for most inconsistent parenting goes to…yes, yes, to me.

I was thinking it was about time for the year-end wrap-up lists to start appearing, and bam! Everywhere I turn, well, all over the internets - in message boards and blogs - there they are. Too bad my memory is so lousy or I’d compile my own. I know I got to some seriously awesome shows, read quite a few commendable books, made it to some decent movies, etc. But all I could come up with off the top of my head? Maybe a “top ten best cupcakes consumed” list.

The Neverlate alarm clock is an interesting idea (it’s got a different setting for every day of the week) but I’ve got my own human alarm clock to wake me daily. And I don’t think his warranty will run out until he’s a teenager. At which point I’ll probably have to return the favor and wake him up.

this plant is wicked strong

Bonus: I am a sometimes fan of Dave Eggers. Planning to pick up What Is the What (thanks to James for the reminder) after I finish reading First Among Sequels.
Plus: Chuck makes an excellent point. The best gift is helping others.
And: Yesterday my friend Emily had to put her dear cat Babe to sleep. My thoughts are with her.

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