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Murky Psychological Guesswork

If I’m concerned about my own morbid preoccupations lately (I broke down and bought the box sets for Bones, seasons 1 and 2), I’m equally alarmed by the little man’s violent proclivities. This weekend we hung out at J’s place, sharing meals and playing games on the Wii. I’m pretty sure Zack & Wiki (which he insisted on calling Zack & Mooki) is rated E for Everyone…but not with the little man’s combative cheer leading. The main character obtains certain tools that help him advance in the game. They are just tools, not weapons, but my son was shouting out “cut him!” or “burn him!” and “punch her!” Even playing Wii boxing he would knock out his opponent and shout “I killed him!” I think it’s just him, being a little boy. But sometimes it’s hard for me to tell where the line should be drawn. And it’s definitely got me rethinking my recent decision…to let the kid watch Saturday morning cartoons. Sigh.

beckoning cats

Bonus: This week marks the return of liberty, equality and idiocy - with the return of Doug! His band, Charles De Gaulle, has been on hiatus and will be playing a few times. And there will be much hanging out to do before he heads back down to the dirty South. I need to set up some babysitters STAT.
Plus: Can’t really criticize my son’s behavior…when this comic so accurately sums up my own paranoid/violent delusions. I’ve been running through scenarios like that since I was a kid.
And: I’m not really down on the kid. He’s still my sweet boy. At a friend’s place yesterday he spent a good long while enjoying a set of Russian nesting dolls. Which led me to looking around on ebay last night. There are bizarro versions out there, with badly painted celebrities (like Madonna and Justin Timberlake) or strange movie themes and just about anything else you could think of. I plan to stick with something simple, like kitty cats or penguins.


  1. geekdarling wrote:

    Nesting dolls are awesome! My grandmother used to collect them, she would’ve loved the kitty cats and penguins. Sigh…

    Monday, November 12, 2007 at 1:29 pm | Permalink
  2. Ahhh, that explains the gorgeous nesting luggage that belonged to her, that the little man and I now enjoy. Thanks again for that!

    Monday, November 12, 2007 at 1:32 pm | Permalink

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