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Monthly Archives: January 2006

A Matter Of When, Not If

This afternoon I had a checkup with the doc who performed the c-section. Felix’s autopsy results weren’t available yet. But there was some preliminary data, from my bloodwork and placenta, that indicated placental abruption (even though I have low blood pressure rather than high, I’m under 35, and drug-free). Because of this more bloodwork [...]

Misuse Of Excess Capacity

Dude, I look soooooooo stoned. This afternoon I had my first eye exam in, oh, four and a half years. I’d forgotten about those damned eye drops, you know, the ones that keep your eyes dilated for an eternity. When I was driving home I started getting paranoid that I’d get pulled over…because I [...]

Oversimplifying The Complexities Of Real-life Experience

Well, my black mood from the other day has been explained: Jan. 24 is the most depressing day of the year, according to one British psychologist (via new thing now). My excuse for the rest of this week? I’ve succumbed to a nasty cold and am incapable of stringing together coherent thoughts. Though I [...]

Themes Of Family, Death, Divinity And Identity

People of my generation are technically adults, and have been for some time, but it seems like so many of us don’t feel very grown-up. My real-life and internet friends face the same dilemmas. What do we want to be when we grow up? Are we spreading ourselves too thin, and not focusing on [...]

Memories Can’t Wait

So it’s been decided. Reykjavik it is. I just didn’t want to wait any longer, and ruin our chances of getting airfare for the dates we wanted, or a hotel room. As it was we originally booked this hotel online last night, the two-floor junior suite, and it seemed to go through. But this [...]

The World Behind The World

Our microwave just died, and the husband has long despised our dishwasher (I’ll admit, it does a seriously sucky job of half-assedly cleaning the dishes), so he’s researched replacements in Consumer Reports, and is in acquisition mode. So exciting, the life and times of our little family. In other news, I was just researching [...]

The Story Of A Boy… A Girl… And A Very Small Universe

Frequently I profess my love for the imdb, but it seems to be renewed daily. I’ve recently moved on from the Whedon oeuvre, and on to the works of Judd Apatow, Paul Feig, et al. by watching Freaks and Geeks. I’ve paused occasionally, to see what the actors are up to now. I’ve found [...]

Hard To Listen To And Very Abrasive

How about another helping of random links and factoids? Here we go.
First off, the server that hosts this site was down for most of yesterday, due to a bad hard drive. It’s back now, but nearly all of my email is missing. I’m especially upset about losing recent messages from friends and kind [...]

Sublime Irrelevance

I just took a peek at my stats and it would seem I’ve scared off a good chunk of my regular readers recently. Can’t say I blame ‘em. So I thought I’d go back to form for a moment, with some random linky goodness.
In this publicity photo Ana Marie Cox (of Wonkette) [...]

Binding To Opioid Receptors

The pain from my incision is still great enough that I rely on percocet. But the percocet makes me…fuzzy. I doze frequently, and even when I’m awake I’m often confused. When I was still in the hospital more than once I felt phantom movements and thought it was baby Felix. Now that I’m home [...]