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Monthly Archives: January 2013

A Little Respect

After years of dragging my feet I finally set up a account and entered all my info and now it’s scolding me! Thanks, mint. It’s no news that my checking account balance is LOW. Or that I spend too much on rent and groceries. But the pie chart representing these facts sure is pretty.
Five [...]

Adjusting the Sails

Art Sled Rally 2013 was sort of a sad slippery mess. The hills were so icy I was amazed no one in our group wiped out while just walking around. Still, it was a good time and there were some swell sleds. Our favorites were Lady Rainicorn, a Mario Kart and the yellow submarine. The [...]

Under the Rock

Maaaaan. Been feeling like Sisyphus lately. Sometimes the short work / school weeks are so much rougher than our usual five day weeks. Maybe it’s the break from routine (in a household with autism this is definitely a factor). Then there’s trying to cram five days’ worth of work into four. And I have a [...]

All the Sun that Shines

With the ebbing and flowing of interpersonal relationships in my life…somehow this is the first year since the 90s (pre-motherhood) that I will be partnered up and celebrating Valentine’s Day. The last husband wasn’t into it. And since him I’ve been on again/off again with various beaus…and in OFF mode at just the right time [...]

More Than Power

The kickboxing continues. I’m four classes into it now. Thankfully it is getting less hard each time. But I doubt I’ll ever be as fit/strong/fast as my younger self. I plan to keep at it anyway. And hey, I bought my own gloves, focus mitts and kali sticks. Having my own gear to use - [...]

We Have a Sticky Wicket Here

Enough with the self-pity! I forced myself back to kickboxing class last night and it was WONDERFUL. I reached that glorious endorphin HIGH. There were a few more ladies in the class but still had a great teacher to student ratio (one teacher per three students). And last night I fought with STICKS for the [...]

The Protein and the Starch

Getting old sucks. Saturday I went back to kickboxing for the first time in fourteen years. I was relieved to find I still have the ability to punch and kick. But what I’m lacking? Strength. And the ability to bounce back after pushing myself. That one class left me sore and hobbled. Mostly from the [...]

Failure to Comply

Ahhh, another new year. It’s too easy to get my expectations up with these new beginnings (new year’s, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) but I’m trying not to make any resolutions I can’t keep. I am making the usual plans to take better care of myself and my child. We need to floss more regularly, eat a [...]