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All the Sun that Shines

With the ebbing and flowing of interpersonal relationships in my life…somehow this is the first year since the 90s (pre-motherhood) that I will be partnered up and celebrating Valentine’s Day. The last husband wasn’t into it. And since him I’ve been on again/off again with various beaus…and in OFF mode at just the right time to avoid this loaded faux holiday. But this year? I’m actually EXCITED about it. And the amazing man in my life. Go figure.

Five more good things for this fine Friday:

  • So into this idea. I DIG You! A Valentine’s Day picnic among the Bell Museum dioramas, with picnic baskets provided by Barbette. A lot of the best dioramas have already sold but the boyfriend booked us the otter. YES.
  • My latest five minute crush? The Casket Girls. Love love love their song Walking on a Wire but I haven’t heard the rest of their first full length, Sleepwalking, yet.
  • A friend is attending the Aveda Institute and needed a hair model, with shoulder length hair (which I have now, and then some!) for an updo. It had been years and YEARS since I’d had a good updo so I went in yesterday. It was a finger-wavy faux bob sort of affair. So many bobby pins were sacrificed to keep my crazy thick hair in place but it was super neat. Sadly I was too tired to go out and show it off last night.
  • This new production at The Heart of the Beast Theater, Kid Enkidu, looks promising: “A puppet-poem-mashup inspired by The Little Prince, The Epic of Gilgamesh and the anime films of Miyazaki, kid enkidu follows the journey of a mysterious kid hunting for a lost companion. Enkidu searches between veils of the worlds, deciphering love poem patterns of nature to unlock the imagination, unfold the heart, free the spirit, and find the beloved.”
  • I left something out of my recent MN winter activity round up because I am skeptical. But still. I am somewhat curious to see the Ice Castles at the Mall of America. Hmm. Anyone been? Is it worth it?

Every week day I feel like such a jerk when I have to wake my son up at 6am. But school is closed both Monday and Tuesday, for the MLK holiday. We’re both excited that we can sleep in for four days in a row! But I’ll be sure that we actually observe the holiday as well, and maybe have a little inauguration party. For my son’s age range / comprehension BrainPop has done a good job of tackling topics in a way he can digest. But we’re also going to have some straight up fun times. Swimming at the Y, vegan donuts from Mojo Monkey, laying around reading comics. The good stuff.

Mr. Cupcake from Adventure Time

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