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Under the Rock

Maaaaan. Been feeling like Sisyphus lately. Sometimes the short work / school weeks are so much rougher than our usual five day weeks. Maybe it’s the break from routine (in a household with autism this is definitely a factor). Then there’s trying to cram five days’ worth of work into four. And I have a host of random complaints. At the beginning of the week I was served a legal summons for some unresolved financial crap. Naturally now is the time my beater car needs a new water pump and timing belt. And I should gather all my tax return materials together. Oh, and my iPhone needs to be replaced but I haven’t had time to deal with the Apple Store’s Genius Bar.

Sigh. In the face of all that how about five good things for this Friday?

It wasn’t that it was the new year but rather that it is the year in which I turn 40. I know, I know, age ain’t nothing but a number and all that but I’ve always found milestones to be significant. And this is a pretty significant milestone. So I’m taking better care of myself. I just turned down free donuts at work! And I got roped into a DietBet with friends starting February 1st. Those things are tough and tedious but you know what’s awesome? Kickboxing. Yeah. My very delayed return to this activity has been so incredibly rewarding. Endorphin highs every time! And I’m less and less sore. I look forward to the brutal conditioning at the end of each class. Hell yes.

Informational speech guru, Rana May

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