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A Staring Contest

My week of unwanted wangs continued into the weekend…with Ice Rod’s Chat Roulette at the Turf Club on Saturday night. I should have known better. It was as hilarious as horrifying. After a while we lost track of how many penises appeared on screen - most of these were Nexted pretty quickly - but we did note they were a global phenomena. It didn’t matter what country our chatroulette partners were in or what time of day. More than anything else there was wang. Thankfully Michael Gaughan/Ice Rod did find a few fully clothed folks to freestyle to. And some seemed entertained enough to stick around for a few minutes (especially the fellow who can lick his own elbow). All in all it was a fun evening out with friends.

It’s Valentine’s Day again. My track record with this manufactured holiday is so bad it is comical. Here are five V-Day items of note.

Tonight my son and I are doing our usual dinner and a movie thing. It’s better than moping at home. And this time around the movie is free. I was randomly offered passes to an advanced screening of something I’d scoffed at. One of those “wait, why are they remaking that?” type movies. But my son guffawed when he watched the trailer. At least it’s not a bad kid’s movie like last year’s utterly dreadful Gnomeo and Juliet. Hopefully this year’s selection will actually get some laughs out of me as well. I’ll report back.

Spooky self-portrait

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