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Keep Up the Good Work

Earlier I was digging through a storage bin of my old vintage purses. Some inherited. Others scored while thrifting. All are cute but most are impractically petite. Especially if I want to schlepp along even one camera. Or heck, just have a place to stash my lipstick and keys. So they don’t get taken out often. As I was trying to decide which might look best with my new cocktail dress I pried one open and out tumbled some old polaroids. Very very old polaroids. From the early 90s. Taken by an ex who moved out of state years ago. They were polaroids of…well. Himself. In a very particular area. HEY-O! And this was just the tip of the iceberg in my week of UNWANTED WANGS. Let’s not even get into the wide range of emotions that said appendages evoke.

Five good non-dick related things:

  • I joined the C.U.N.T. (C U Next Tuesday) ladies again, drinking sangria while crafting. Very nice. And afterward went on to another house for an “Exploratory Movie Night” featuring a young-ish Walter Mathau (total babe) and Babs in Hello, Dolly!
  • Tomorrow night is Clockwork’s big 10th Anniversary Celebration. This time an invite-only cocktail party at an interesting venue. I may or may not have photos after the fact, depending on which purse I end up accessorizing with…
  • Next month will be a good one for shows. The enchanting Julianna Barwick will be performing at the Walker Art Center, Australia’s Lower Dens at the Triple Rock and one of my closest friends will be debuting as the new drummer of Votyek.
  • This week’s episode of Glee, with Ricky Martin as a tooth model turned Spanish teacher, plus Mexican pointy boots, was oh so good.
  • Perfectly ripe avocados. For dinner last night, and for breakfast today.

Yesterday I saw that my old house is now for rent. I knew that’s what would be happening. The buyer was an investor with a property management company. But it’s still so surreal to see. The new owner made some slight improvements. I always meant to refinish those hardwood floors upstairs. And they replaced the crappy bathroom linoleum (I shelled out to replace the kitchen linoleum) and added a railing on the stairs. But they took out the expensive ceiling fans and painted the more vibrantly colored walls ULTRA BEIGE. Still, the kid and I are so much happier renting our new place in a way more awesome part of town. Good riddance.

Parker came home with punching balloons. Oof.

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