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Slipping Into the Abyss

Technically it’s still the dead of winter (and feels like spring - 45° and sunny today?) but we’re getting all of our ducks in a row for the second half of the year. I’ve registered my son for summer camp and submitted his open enrollment application for junior high. And tentative plans are forming for an end-of-summer vacation out of state, for a family wedding. With so many deadlines looming and loose ends to reign in for these near-future situations, it can be tough to remember the here and now. But I feel like I have a good grip on things at the moment. Maybe.

Five bittersweet items of note:

Monday nights are rough. But if I can tough it out I’ll head over to Memory Lanes to see an adorable Australian band, Woollen Kits. And hey, it’s a free show.
Note: The below photo is a different adorable band, locals Cadette.


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