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Before the Parade Passes By

We didn’t travel much when I was growing up. A handful of trips up North. One road trip to Chicago / Milwaukee. My inaugural airplane flight was at age 17, to visit family in Arizona (that was after my brother died; he never flew). I left the continent for the first time at age 25 when I was pregnant with my son. After he was born I vowed to show him the world. Sadly I don’t have the funds to do a bang up job of it. Our passports have lapsed and he’s left the country just once, on a trip to Iceland. But he’s traveled domestically quite a bit with me and also with his paternal grandmother. Sadly Spring break always sneaks up on me. For one thing it’s in early March, which is hardly Spring. Especially with last year’s all winter long snowmageddon. Spring Break 2011 we barely left the house. But not just because we were snowed in. 2010 was our Milwaukee trip, which was pleasant enough though bitterly cold. Spring Break 2009 was straight up sad. We definitely peaked with the Seattle/Portland adventures of 2008 (well, in 2007 the kid went to Disneyland without me). We haven’t got that kind of cash money nowadays but I want to bring the fun back a little bit with a trip to a Duluth waterpark hotel. Balanced, of course, by a trip to the dentist to have the lad’s fillings filled. I know how to bring the party.

Five good things:

It’s been a weird week movie-wise. Our Tuesday night surprise was an advanced screening of the 21 Jump Street movie. Going in I didn’t realize it was rated R. Thankfully it was mostly silly and the raunchier humor went over my son’s head (I think). Today I’ve agreed to take the lad to see The Phantom Menace in 3D. I saw it the first time around at theaters, at midnight on opening night, when my son was in utero. And like Simon Pegg’s character Tim on Spaced, I felt utterly betrayed by it. And here I am, going back for more. Oof. Jar Jar.

Adam, Me

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