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A Picture Postcard

This trip is turning my brain to mush. We’ve been lazing about the hotel room A LOT but I haven’t been working on my novel. Or even reading A. Lee Martinez’s new one. Instead we’re watching far too much Cartoon Network. Every other commercial the kid is all “ooh, I want one of those!” Conspicuous consumerism in action. Sigh. Our moderately swanky hotel is just outside of Milwaukee, in Wauwatosa. Off of Watertown Plank. Which means I have The Promise Ring song of the same name stuck in my head. After checking in on Friday we hit the pool and hot tub straight away and were both sleepy after. Instead of venturing into the city for dinner we opted for room service pizza (not bad) and crashed out early.

Saturday we headed to the lakefront to check out the science and technology museum, Discovery World. Admission was on the spendy side ($29.90 for the two of us!) but we enjoyed the exhibits. Plus we stumbled into some sort of organic/local food fair, hosted by Discovery World, where I got a free sample of real coffee to wake me up (where the weak hotel coffee had failed). Afterward we took a brief walk along the lake as well but it was windy and bitterly cold. I don’t know what gives but the boy’s Spring breaks always come with uncomfortably cold weather (and coincide with the onset of seasonal allergies) but temps are supposed to soar into the 70s at home this week.

After resting up at the hotel we had dinner at the Emperor of China. The boy was able to get his beloved tofu with broccoli while I had a tasty Buddhist hotpot. Then it was on to Alice in Wonderland at the historic Oriental Theatre (where I’d love to do a proper photo shoot). We went for a 7pm showing and were able to see the organ player in the main theater. The theater was much better than the movie, but what can you do?

Sunday was especially lazy. Extreme lounging in the morning, with a little hotel bed jumping thrown in, before meeting up with a friend for brunch at the vegan-friendly Palomino. It was a much sunnier day so we stopped by a playground, but it was still too damned cold. Even fortified by a shot of espresso from Beans and Barley. So we headed indoors again. This time for another movie. The surprisingly entertaining How To Train Your Dragon.

And now it’s our last full day in Wisco. Tentative plans include visiting the Domes, the Comet Cafe, and attempting to locate the Bronze Fonz statue along the riverwalk.

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