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I love the internets. Hotwire in particular. Our first leg of the trip went smoothly. Check-in and security at the airport were swift and the flight was all right. Getting from the Seattle airport to the shuttle to retrieve the rental car? Super slick. And I laughed when I was given the keys. I’m driving a black Mazda sportwagon, just like at home! Only thing, it’s newer and nicer. Driving automatic is a little weird but whatever. The hotel is just down the road from the rental car place. We got settled in right away but the little man didn’t fall asleep until 11:30pm, MN time, but woke up at 4:10am (Seattle time). Dang. We’ll see how he is later. The wireless here is maddeningly slow, and we just realized that the boy lost his headphones, likely left behind on the plane, but we’re on to Portland shortly. SPRING BREAK!

on the plane

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  1. Leigha wrote:

    Hope Portland is treating you well! Not sure how often you take vacations (so this may not prove relevant for quite some time) but wanted to share with you my two favorite flight-sites:

    1) Flyspy - this was created by a bunch of dudes in Minneapolis who needed to know the best time to purchase tickets. Therefore, the only outgoing option is Minneapolis. It’s AWESOME. I think it only covers NWA flights, but I know that Sun Country matches most of the fares and destinations.

    2) Farecast - this is a huge search engine where you plug in the dates you’d like to fly, then they tell you with various percentages of certainty whether to buy immediately, buy soon, or wait, based on aggregates of past fares over the same time frame. Using this one (because Flyspy was temporarily unavailable), I caught tickets to San Diego for $150 less than the entire month prior, and $50 less than the very next day.

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