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The Order of Inclusion

Felt like I was in shark mode over the weekend. Kept on moving so I wouldn’t sink but all that activity with so little sleep took its toll. But it was worth it to spend time with many wonderful people. And thankfully yesterday was a work-at-home day, but with the kid. School was closed in honor of President’s Day. But Parker declared it to be Peanut Butter Jelly Time (over and over and OVER again) and I’d left my headphones behind at the office. That made it even harder to concentrate on troubleshooting an apache config file problem. I have been learning many new-to-me sysadmin-y things over the last six months or so but some days it’s frustrating. When it doesn’t seem to be coming along as easily or quickly as I would like. I need to bless the process with my patience.

Five good things for this slightly snowy Tuesday:

Soon I will be meeting up with a few friends for the inaugural meeting of our Cheese Curd Club. And while partaking of the fried cheese and beer I may discuss with them ideas I have for a new photo series. Should be a lovely Tuesday evening indeed.

Zombie Self, 2012 edition

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