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More Than Power

The kickboxing continues. I’m four classes into it now. Thankfully it is getting less hard each time. But I doubt I’ll ever be as fit/strong/fast as my younger self. I plan to keep at it anyway. And hey, I bought my own gloves, focus mitts and kali sticks. Having my own gear to use - that isn’t bathed in the sweat of others - is definitely a motivator.

Five good things:

  • Oh humans and our strange bodies. I don’t know that we’ll ever figure out the best way to feed ourselves / feed everyone on the planet. But I will keep trying to figure it out for myself. To that end I finally busted out the Mesu portion control dishes I bought several years ago. And I’m going to be better about employing the 80/20 rule.
  • Last night I made my son a vegan chocolate mousse based on…AVOCADOS. I’d tried this one other time but last night’s version was better. It had a touch of coconut oil in it that made all the difference, texture-wise.
  • I’m too tired and old and Friday nights are rough for me, after a long week of early rising. So I completely missed the MN Arm Wrestling League for Ladies at the Hexagon. But there are some great photos from City Pages.
  • Ahhh winter in MN. Dry skin. Static-y hair. And the Lake Harriet Winter Kite Festival this Saturday, January 19 from noon - 4 p.m. And the Saturday after that? The Art Sled Rally at Powderhorn Park. Hopefully there will be enough snow for it.
  • Not sure how I stumbled on this but when I was in junior high I wanted to be Strawberry Switchblade. As an adult I still admire their cartoonish aesthetic but wow their music isn’t very good. The boyfriend pointed out another amazing video that I hadn’t seen yet: Pentagram Sam

Now for some sadness. I can’t stop thinking about Aaron Swartz’s death. The federal prosecutors can say what they will but I can’t shake the feeling that the government bullied this amazing young man to death. As a friend said, “The fact that scumbag financial industry thieves are free, while this was happening to Swartz, is unspeakable.”

Sigh. In other news…the Outlet Performance Festival continues! Below is a photo from last Saturday’s performance with performance artist Dustin Maxwell and musician Venus DeMars. This coming Saturday with Ghostband/Visionquest and Hardcore Crayons. Come on down to check it out!

Outlet with Venus DeMars & Dustin Maxwell

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