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Enough with the self-pity! I forced myself back to kickboxing class last night and it was WONDERFUL. I reached that glorious endorphin HIGH. There were a few more ladies in the class but still had a great teacher to student ratio (one teacher per three students). And last night I fought with STICKS for the first time.

Five other good things for this hump day:

  • Maaaan, The Oatmeal nailed it again. Made me laugh and cry with “When your house is burning down you should brush your teeth.” Documenting the 20th anniversary of his family home burning to the ground. Make sure to read the actual news article about the event too.
  • And speaking of cats (see above, sadness) the Saintly City Cat Show is just a couple of weeks away. An annual reminder of just how weirdly awesome or awesomely weird Saint Paul is. Yeah.
  • This is AMAZING. “Send a photo of your face, or your brother’s face, or your ferret’s face, it doesn’t matter whose face it is. I’ll take that photo and give it the GET FACED treatment, a hand-drawn copy of the face that’s “colored in” with photographic textures and/or patterns and/or colors. It’ll be printed on gallery quality archival photo paper and sent back so you can have it to cherish forever and ever! All work is original, one of a kind and signed by David Yow.” Yes, THAT David Yow, of The Jesus Lizard.
  • Speaking of David Yow, in a roundabout way…I’m a Minnesotan and long-time St Paulite so I remember Sean Tillmann’s Calvin Krime and Sean Na Na days. His Har Mar Superstar persona has caused me to groan now and again. But I’ve just discovered his podcast, Nocturnal Emotions. And I like what I hear. Especially with awesome guests like David Yow!
  • CLAPS + TFATT photos from last Saturday’s Outlet performance. This coming Saturday will see a performance by Venus DeMars and Dustin Maxwell.

As usual there is just so much going on this coming weekend. First off, tomorrow I get a sneak preview of an old friend’s estate sale.

Eccentric and Extraordinary!
Years of scouring estates sales and thrift shops have resulted in the accumulation of many items. This collector is reluctantly parting with items large and small and you will not forgive yourself if you miss this opportunity of a lifetime! The sheer volume of oddities will boggle your mind.

I really don’t need any more “stuff” but knowing her these will be some truly amazing items. I just have to have a look. And then there will be more kickboxing, of course. And the Outlet Performance series. And a birthday party for two lovely friends (who are married to one another). And the MN Unearthed Short Films showcase at the Trylon. And possibly taking the kiddo to see China’s Terracotta Warriors exhibit at the MIA. And a bunch of other happenings I’m sure I’m forgetting at the moment. I really do love the Twin Cities.

CLAPS + TFATT @ Outlet

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