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Creatures Of Habit

Like most children his age, the little man is into routine. Routine can be comforting, but he’s flexible…every now and then he’ll mix things up. He used to wake up and wait quietly in his room until mommy got up. These days he’s too impatient for that. He barges into my room, jumps into my bed and attempts to wrassle me awake. After this, uh, enjoyable step has been completed we go back to his room…so that he can get dressed for the day (he dresses himself, but for some reason I have to be present). Then it’s downstairs for breakfast. He’s added a strange quirk though. After he’s had his fill he does something rather odd. He strips off his “regular” clothes, and changes into a monkey suit. No, not a tuxedo…an actual monkey suit. It was his Halloween costume. In 2002. It’s a bit snug here and there, as you might imagine. But the polar fleece is soft and warm. And it amuses him to no end to prance around in it while mommy gushes over her cute little monkey. I’d better enjoy it while I can. I doubt things will be quite the same when he’s a teenager.

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