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Monthly Archives: May 2006

That Nonsensical, Stream-of-Consciousness Feel

I have no focus today. I am focus-less. Or maybe it would be “without foci” - no idea. But usually I can make myself a To Do list in the morning and then whip through the crucial tasks before bedtime. Today, not so much. Since coming home from work I’ve found myself spacing out. Somebody [...]

Edginess, Quick Movements and Impulsiveness

When I first heard about Carl Honoré’s book, In Praise of Slowness, my life was out of control…to the point I constantly felt overwhelmed. It took a tragedy for me to slow down and take stock. Over the last few months I’ve made some pretty big life changes, and have had more time to slowly [...]

The Roof, the Roof, the Roofers Are On Fire

Last weekend’s weather was very March-like. This week we’ve fast forwarded to the heat of July. And I’m unprepared for it. This morning I was scrambling to put together a weather-appropriate outfit, while a bit on the sleep-deprived side. I’d been too hot to sleep well last night. Around 3am I even moved downstairs, making [...]

Structure Borne Noise

Sometimes I envy the husband, and the fact that he works from home full-time. These feelings surface in very specific situations. Say, when I have to leave extra early in the morning because there’s a snowstorm to slog through to get the little man to his bus stop on time, and myself to the office. [...]

People Acting Under the Influence of Human Nature

The little man has always been a fickle creature. And he’s been locked in a fairly uncooperative phase for a while now, though the lad will occasionally surprise me. The weekend was a mixed bag. Friday afternoon’s swimming lesson went, well, swimmingly (oy, I’m turning into my Dad, what with the bad puns and all). [...]

These Perception Instincts Exist

It’s been a weird week, to be capped off by an outrageously busy weekend. I should be doing much to prepare for it. Instead? I’m still in my pajamas and haven’t accomplished much more than having breakfast (and losing some more of my life to flickr). But some days are just like that. The little [...]

Rocks and Hard Places

I’ve been too distracted this week to post my usual bits of randomness. Jasmine is dying. We’ve known about the tumor for a couple of months now, but her condition has been steadily deteriorating. I’m at my wit’s end. Whenever I think her time might be up, I sit with her and cuddle and play [...]

The Situation Will Be Fluid

It’s been a bittersweet sort of weekend. Yesterday was good. The day was spent lounging around the house, half-heartedly cleaning, but mostly relaxing. In the evening our wonderful babysitter came over, allowing the husband and I to go out. Together. A rare event, really. And I am so glad we chose to eat at Namaste. [...]

Ready To Deploy Jazz Hands At Any Moment

It’s been a very good week, despite the little man’s absurd wake up calls. Not once, but twice this week he was wide awake at 4am (which means I was too). Hmmm. Anyhow, the week in review:

Monday’s Sigur Ros show ruled.
Thursday’s Art by Design reception was lovely. I met a toy designer (dream job, no?) [...]

There Is No Security In Obscurity

I’ll admit, for a mom, I really do get out a lot. A heckuvalot more than many other moms I know. But it’s all because the husband is an introverted shut-in. Okay, that might be a little harsh, but he does seem to be happier at home. But I’m going to crash his little party [...]