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Monthly Archives: May 2004

Music Is My Religion (or Cum On Feel The Noize)

Jonathan and Chuck started it, and it is a subject near and dear to me. I give you…the soundtrack to my life. Warning: I ramble on at length.
Age three or four. I dance around my grandparents’ house, on command, to early Elvis tunes.
My first live music show. Kenny Rogers at the State Fair at age [...]

Of Cabbages And Kings

I think I’m finally on the mend from this cold/flu thing. Spent as much time as possible lazing about this week. Got around to watching Adaptation…and reading Anil’s Ghost. Unfortunately I headed out on a spontaneous shopping trip last night, something I generally don’t do with the little man. But I absolutely needed a [...]

In Love And War

Fantastic foods is quite the misnomer. Trying to choke down this dehydrated (and rehydrated, of course) gummy gumbo soup paste is proving difficult. But it’s probably better for me than other options our kitchen has to offer. Since we’ve been together the husband has, inexplicably, forged ahead with an intensive ass-widening campaign. The ass in [...]

How To Look And Feel Your Worst: A Guide

1: Take child to indoor playground on rainy day. Have fun while being exposed to germs at the same time. Pay the price later, in the form of a lingering, crappy cold for both. 2: While sick drink morning coffee on an empty stomach, followed by a sudafed chaser. 3: Wear one of those [...]

Abnormal Services Will Resume As Soon As Possible

It was a thoroughly underwhelming weekend…and that’s all right. It’d been weeks since I’d lazed about properly, and in passive media consumption mode no less. Friday night the little man and I picked up some takeout and enjoyed a borrowed copy of Laputa: Castle in the Sky. On Saturday we watched it again (that [...]

Tragically Unhip

So, it would seem Calvin Johnson slipped into town the other day. What’s most befuddling…not only was the show off my radar, I’ve never even heard of the venue. The entire event would have passed by, unnoticed (by me), if it weren’t for my delightful Duluth peeps. I am jealous, but happy that someone [...]

I Never Could Get The Hang Of Thursdays

With the end of Angel I’ll have to look elsewhere for my super hero fix. I’ve been told by a few folks that I’d enjoy the relaunched Catwoman (another hero, or heroine rather, with a rather dodgy past) series. I’ll admit I’m intrigued, but I’m not sure what to make of the upcoming movie…which [...]

The Scar Tissue Of Break-ups And Disillusion

That’s it. It’s over. Or just about. Buffy went out with a bang. Feels like Angel is going out with more of a whimper. The show was just hitting its stride…when we found out it would killed in its prime. But it feels like the time to raise my tiny fists, railing at the [...]

Instant Coffee Takes Too Long

Lately it feels like my life is stuck in fast forward mode, but I think I may have found the key to balancing work and play…I must eliminate sleep altogether (like Lorne did this, the last, season of Angel…except, oh yeah, he went crazy at the Halloween party). Anywho, it was another fun-filled action-packed [...]

So Urgent

The little man had, well, urgent business to take care of…so urgent that he popped the button right off his pants on his way to the bathroom. While re-attaching said button I noticed the label on the inside of the pants. It read “Urgent Gear”. My Dad would say the boy has got a [...]