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Tragically Unhip

So, it would seem Calvin Johnson slipped into town the other day. What’s most befuddling…not only was the show off my radar, I’ve never even heard of the venue. The entire event would have passed by, unnoticed (by me), if it weren’t for my delightful Duluth peeps. I am jealous, but happy that someone got to see Mr. Johnson in action. At least I knew about last night’s Sondre Lerche show, even if I couldn’t attend. Oh well. All right, enough living in the past. The weekend is upon us and it looks like it’s going to be a quiet one, thankfully. No solid plans have been made. Will hopefully meet up with the lovely ladies for coffee at some point. There’s a photography exhibit I’d like to check out. And we still haven’t seen Robots + Us at the Science Museum. But those are both ongoing exhibits. The one concrete plan we do have is to attend an event on Sunday. Friends for a Non-Violent World is sponsoring a rally to protest the US torture of Iraqi prisoners. Here’s a little more info:

This Sunday, May 23rd, at 4:00 p.m.
The south steps of the Minnesota State Capitol

A volunteer group comprising church members, new Americans, and engaged citizens is planning a non-partisan rally to protest the torture of Iraqi prisoners. The rally provides an opportunity for all Minnesotans to express their sadness and disgust; to demand that such actions never occur again in our names; and to call for full accountability throughout the chain of command.

Speakers are:
Phil Steger, Friends for a Non Violent World
Abdi Salam Adam, Dar Al-Hijrah Cultural Center
Grant Abbott, St. Paul Council of Churches
Doug Johnson, Center for Victims of Torture
Heide Vardeman, Macalester Plymouth United Church
Rob Eller-Isaacs, Unity Unitarian Church.

Rally organizers have conducted outreach through churches, locally owned small businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Any donations collected in excess of event expenses will be donated to the Center for Victims of Torture.

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landmark center, without its clock
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