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Abnormal Services Will Resume As Soon As Possible

It was a thoroughly underwhelming weekend…and that’s all right. It’d been weeks since I’d lazed about properly, and in passive media consumption mode no less. Friday night the little man and I picked up some takeout and enjoyed a borrowed copy of Laputa: Castle in the Sky. On Saturday we watched it again (that movie features the coolest robots ever)…and it was one of those mysterious rainy days where both motivation and time are sucked away into some sort of black hole. Before I knew it the little man’s bedtime had rolled around, and I would have toddled off myself, but I got juiced up on some coffee and was able to stay up…long enough to watch Notorious C.H.O. with the husband. I’ve been a fan of Margaret’s for some time (I read her blog on a regular basis), but had never gotten around to seeing it. What a fool. I was laughing so loudly I worried I’d wake up the little man, but boy did I need that (the former, not the latter). Sunday I whipped up some french toast (from a good loaf of ciabatta) before dropping the little man off for one of those odd, impromptu visits with the bio-dad. On these rare occasions I usually treat myself to a movie, in a theater, with popcorn and everything. Sunday’s selection was one I’d been wanting to see for a while…and Goodbye, Lenin! did not disappoint. But afterwards I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself. When finally given this chunk of me-time (that I get little enough of) I find the options overwhelming. So what did I do? I headed home, eagerly anticipating the return of my lad. Sigh. It was a delightful little reunion, but after he crashed out for the night it was time for mom to watch yet another movie. One that’s been likened to “an R-rated Hallmark version” of love. I enjoyed Love, Actually, despite myself. And I love, actually, the little gems that Ebert comes up with…like “At 129 minutes, it feels a little like a gourmet meal that turns into a hot-dog eating contest.” Heh. Today would have marked an end to this sloth-mode of ours…and a beginning to Monday night T-ball at the park, but, unfortunately, the little man is down for the count with a crappy cold…and I’m teetering on the verge.

the little man's fiery ride
the little man upon his fiery ride