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So Urgent

The little man had, well, urgent business to take care of…so urgent that he popped the button right off his pants on his way to the bathroom. While re-attaching said button I noticed the label on the inside of the pants. It read “Urgent Gear”. My Dad would say the boy has got a case of “Frankenstein Hands” but I think he’s just a tough love sort of kid. Not in the disciplinary sense…but rather the punishment he doles out to his beloved. For instance, he shows us affection by frequently head-butting us. Hard. His prized possessions fare even worse. He gave his talking Buzz Lightyear a bath. Now poor Buzz is forever mute. Then there’s his favorite blankie, the one he’s had since birth. He’s never dragged it around, a la Linus. But it’s been a part of the bed time ritual for quite a while. Unfortunately he has been systematically pulling said blanket to pieces. The white cotton strands end up everywhere. Stuck to the last patch of carpeting in the house (in the upstairs hallway). Adhering to clothing and, sometimes, even to the cats. I’ve tried to explain to him that if he keeps this up there will be nothing of his blanket left. And yet he persists. The outlook is not good.