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Monthly Archives: August 2002

Scratch That

That announcement was for the rest of the company, not for me. How could I be so foolish? No, instead I get to slog away at it after everyone else is out having fun. Bitter much? So the weekend isn’t off to such a stellar start after all. Actually, it isn’t even off yet. [...]

Hazy, Lazy Sun

It’s been a very long week. Thankfully it will be followed by a long weekend. The good word just came down from management…that the office will be officially shutting down at 3pm today. Then we’re off until Tuesday morning. Good thing too. I could really use a break. And I’m going to need a [...]

Is It Mommy…or The Son Of Daedalus?

My son has visited my room plenty in his nearly three years (being across the hall from his room and all). But just this week he pointed up to the framed print hanging above my bed and, with a huge smile on his face, shouted “Mama”. At first I thought he was just trying [...]


Consuming baby carrots frequently causes me to suffer nasty hiccup attacks. Am I the only one? Is that Vitamin A goodness really worth this? The worst incident I can recall happened during my first visit to Chicago. I was afflicted for something like twelve or fourteen hours. The attack didn’t entirely ruin the trip, [...]

Fractalized Focus

The week is off to an odd start. Well, I’m feeling off and odd, at any rate. As my sleep deprivation worsens my workload (at the office, and at home) seems to increase exponentially. Likewise the more work that piles up the more I find myself distracted by pretty shiny things. And my judgment [...]


Spent much of the weekend apart from my cranky computer. We were outside a fair bit, enjoying the weather…but I was also deeply engrossed in the Harry Potter books. Can’t believe I hadn’t read them until now. I was loaned the first one last week and read it in a day (squeezed it in [...]

Coming Attractions

For some time I’ve been entertaining certain ideas…regarding additional content I’d like to include in this site. But I need to get in gear and make it happen. I thought it would be a good kick in the pants to announce it here…which means I’ll feel obligated to follow through with it, in short [...]

Eliminate The Negative

It’s the little things, really. Sometimes they take you by surprise. And can help lift you out of a foul mood. Instead of kicking me when I’m down, my bank did something shockingly fair. The other day I decided I simply must have that camera I’ve been drooling over. But I’m no Ms. Moneybags…so [...]

Mostly Gray…

Having a really weird week. Barely controlled chaos combined with some major changes. Hopefully not all of them bad. Going to defer dwelling on it…and head to the Children’s Museum with the little man instead. Which will tire me out so much that I’ll be ready to collapse when we get home. And, hopefully, [...]

Slowly But Surely

When my darling son gets upset and the whining kicks into high gear, I try to see things from his point of view…if not remembering, then empathizing with how frustrating it must be to be nearly three. Sure, his communication skills are improving. His understanding seems to be growing, and others are able to [...]