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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Remorse Cocktail

Not long ago I was worried we wouldn’t have anywhere to live but now it would seem we have TOO much housing. I’d thought things were finally lining up for me but…the short sale is likely going to fall through. And we’re moving out next weekend. So what now? No one has any answers for [...]

The Changing Same

Today is picture day at school. My son’s hair is in that unfortunate in-between stage, growing out from his summer camp shearing. Which means it’s too short to lay flat and is sticking straight up all over the place, like an anime character. I suggested we roll with it and gel it up to make [...]

What the World Is Waiting For

It was a fairly quiet but lovely weekend. Solid foods were consumed. I saw some friends. Ran some errands. Acquired bigger shoes (men’s 8.5?!) for my ever-growing boy. My incredibly thoughtful boyfriend brought over a replacement pumpkin for the one some jerk stole from our front steps. And Halloween costume components were procured. I took [...]

Nothing But Surrender

Starting to think I should just duck and cover. Roll into the fetal position until this all blows over. But that doesn’t seem like an option. Instead I’m following doctor’s orders. Drinking gallons of water to flush my system. And this drug I was prescribed? I’m seeing shades from iodine orange to neon fruit punch [...]

How Far Away is Tomorrow?

Last Friday my brother Tom would have turned 41. The anniversaries of his birth and death always lead me to think about death and aging and what he might have done with his life if he’d been able to live it. Tom never became the GenXer that some thought we were. According to writer Joshua [...]

All My Hate and My Hexes Are for You

This is the week that keeps on giving. Unfortunately it keeps on giving me grief. This morning I gracelessly up-arrowed one too many times and executed a command to delete something I had intended to copy. Which is both beyond my power and not at all trivial to restore. Instead I’ve frittered away someone else’s [...]

Sometimes the Runner Stumbles

It was another of those weeks that steam-rolled right over me. Exhausting and discouraging. Stayed in nearly every night and went to bed early but wasn’t as productive as I would have liked. And I found out I shot myself in the foot regarding my property tax refund. I filed in April. I requested direct [...]

Operating At Heightened Frequencies

My body still isn’t cooperating with my brain, and all that my brain would like to accomplish. This lingering illness has left me weakened, with aching lungs, and a powerful need to lie down frequently. Watching this video of a crew filming mountain climber Alex Honnold, who climbs without ropes or harnesses (not the smartest [...]