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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Humanity In Technology

So odd to think…twelve years ago today I was having my first big adventure. I had flown from Minneapolis to Amsterdam. Endured a six hour layover in an uncomfortable plastic chair at Schiphol, back when smoking was still allowed at the gate (gross), then I hopped my next flight to Madrid. Only to immediately take [...]

When Time and Place Collide

I’m a decisive individual. But lately I’ve felt that my brain is like an attic full of squirrels. Too many unresolved problems, with no simple solutions in sight. So it’s just a skittering mess upstairs. But it’s about time to get out of sad panda mode and just deal with it. Even if there are [...]

Tornadoes of Sadness

The blissful portion of our snow day passed by far too quickly and segued into the lung burning-ly painful snow removal period. The boy and I managed to clear the sidewalks. But then. The giant plows lumbered through, earlier than anticipated, and created an impassible Mount Everest of solid snow and ice at the end [...]

When All You Have Is Not Enough

Food production issues never fail to infuriate me, it seems. What we put into our bodies is so crucial and basic. Why tamper with it, with adolescent science? How is it possible that genetically modified organisms are not labeled? I realize some of this is done in the name of scarcity, with the hope to [...]

Brave Escapes

Oh fickle weather systems. The last two Tuesdays I had to drop my car off at the mechanic, then trudge over a mile to work through windchill advisories. I’m quite glad not to have had to do so this morning, but now the weather is practically balmy and would have made for a much more [...]

Echo Of Centuries

Started drafting this on Friday but have been in go-go-go mode ever since. Up far too early this Sunday morning for no apparent reason. But here are five interesting things:

Amazing thing of the day, time capsule mansion - “A late 19th-century French mansion shuttered for more than a century has opened its doors to the [...]

There’s No Real Reason To Be Lonely

In platonic relationships I don’t put up with much. My tolerance is too low. The slightest dealbreaker rears its head and I retreat, putting up barriers and readying myself for more alone time. After single parenting and solo homeownership and my career and satisfying my photographic impulses I don’t have a lot of room in [...]

Right As Rain

Initially my son was reeeeeally resistant to this online learning program they’ve started using at school. I’m not sure why. Change? Change can be hard. Especially for him. And he was opposed to the pacing. But we worked on it together over the weekend and he seems all right with it now. He scored 100% [...]

Everything Counts In Large Amounts

Well, I failed miserably at quiet weekend mode. I wound up going out Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. First the show at The Cedar. Then a happy hour at Clockwork. Followed by a little early evening lurking around Lowertown’s art openings (where I purchased a lovely Nikki Witt print). Yesterday I came into free tickets [...]

A Prisoner of Hope

Ahh, yet another week that got away from me. And while much of it left me feeling a little frayed around the edges there were some comforting highlights. Like reading Tana French’s In the Woods cover to cover and starting in on her follow-up, The Likeness. And just barely beating some of my Words With [...]