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Echo Of Centuries

Started drafting this on Friday but have been in go-go-go mode ever since. Up far too early this Sunday morning for no apparent reason. But here are five interesting things:

Speaking of dillweeds, Groupon finally put out an actual apology for their ridiculous ads and are pulling them. Now I won’t feel so badly about using my ChinDian groupon for dinner with the kiddo sometime soon. But we’ve been too busy to just yet. Possibly tomorrow. Yesterday was a blur. Made us pancakes before dropping the boy off with bio-dad for some hanging out time. Had a wonderful photo shoot with a most compelling model at Minnehaha Falls. Followed by a lovely brunch at Cake Eater Bakery. And helping a friend pack for an impending move. Then catching another friend’s in-store performance at Yeti Records. Today is more of the busy busy. Some day soon I will just sit still. Maybe.

Sarah on a Saturday

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