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Monthly Archives: April 2018

The Clouds Keep Moving

My social anxiety ebbs and flows. Yesterday it was at high tide. Triggered, in part, because I overbooked myself for the evening. I am an extroverted introvert. Sometimes it takes an awful out of me just to leave the house. Once out I usually do all right. Last night I missed the first event I [...]

Crazy, Classic, Life

It’s been another weird week, in general. But yesterday I earned my Agile Certificate through the University of Minnesota. This involved five full days of classes spread out over a few months, starting in January. I already had a high level understanding of Agile and had worked on teams that had adopted some Agile practices. [...]

Freeze All Motor Functions

What a weekend. Spring has finally sprung, for real, but I was stuck in self-care/recuperation mode much of Friday night and into Saturday. Lounging in loungewear while reading, writing a short story and travel planning. But also squeezing in some cooking and cleaning. Necessary. I did make it out for a walk around Lake Harriet [...]

Smell The Magic

Last night was just the thing. Saw L7 for the first time in years. One friend posted this after the show and it sums things up perfectly:
L7 forever. They are the underdogs and they are the best. Especially for 14 year old girls in Catholic school who want to start nasty all girl bands AND [...]

Tough Kids Love Sad Songs

It’s been one helluva week already. I am definitely not having fun. Yesterday my car wouldn’t start so I had to have it jumped (it’s an ongoing saga with Volvo and a class action lawsuit). But thank you, yet again, AAA. After getting the car running I backed out of the garage and the garage [...]

Sometimes It Snows In April

Well, I’m getting downright down with all these blizzards. Naturally my mind turns to travel. I came across this “How to live like a Local in Copenhagen, Denmark” post. If only. This time last year Spring had properly sprung in Minnesota. And I was preparing to leave for a few weeks of European adventures. This [...]

Window of Opportunity

My son’s final Spring Break of high school was last week. We didn’t venture as far this time, just to Colorado. But we both needed the change of scenery. Tooling around in the mountains in a RAV4 was just the thing. While soaking in some hot springs I was reminded that vacation life is the [...]

Breaking the World Into Moments

Well then. I used to blog here regularly, from 1999 to 2014. Until Wordpress and PHP got into fisticuffs. Instead of wading into the fray and troubleshooting the issue I kinda just let this blog go. Social media had already taken over by that point. I hung on to this domain and its archives but [...]