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It’s been another weird week, in general. But yesterday I earned my Agile Certificate through the University of Minnesota. This involved five full days of classes spread out over a few months, starting in January. I already had a high level understanding of Agile and had worked on teams that had adopted some Agile practices. It was useful to take a deeper dive with a seasoned instructor, along with other students who work in fields related to mine. We had great discussions and learned nearly as much each other as from the materials we were covering. Now the gears are turning as I consider how to use my new found knowledge and skills. For good, not evil, of course.

Five Good Things for Friday:

Starting to worry about my short term memory. I somehow quadrupled booked myself for tomorrow evening. I’m supposed to attend four different events around town, in St Paul, South and NE Minneapolis. Three of the four events are ticketed and I managed to get myself tickets without adding all the events to my calendar. Now I need to decide which event or events are most critical. If we were still in the dead of winter I’d probably choose not to choose and hunker down at home but I don’t have that excuse anymore.

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