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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Deep in Our Alligator Brains

Our neighborhood is a dead zone, in many ways, but especially when it comes to Halloween. Nothing but dark houses up and down the street (which makes it even spookier). Just two blocks over though, that’s where the party’s at. I nearly talked the little man out of trick or treating altogether, in favor of [...]

Some Day You’ll Thank Me For All This Scary Love

The little man was hesitant. He said he didn’t want to break his hands. Any knowledge he’d acquired to that point had come from movies and cartoons. Hopefully things will be a little clearer now, since he’s had his first Tae Kwan Do lesson. Now if he can just remember to call his instructor Sa [...]

No One Can Resist the Golden Lasso

Yes, I did wear the Wonder Woman costume…but just because photos exist of me wearing it does not mean said photos need to be seen. Like, ever. The rest of the party pix are here. It was a most excellent time. Good company, good food, at my house - how could we go wrong? Oh, [...]

Like a Beacon of Light

It was a rough week but I need to quit the kvetching. I’m on the mend (again), I’ve got the internets back (my desktop is still out of commission though, the monitor is fried), and we’re having friends over tomorrow (who will see me dressed as Wonder Woman). So five other good-ish sorts of things:

Today [...]

A Lull in Propulsion

The day started off so well. I was in an excellent mood, despite a mild sore throat. We made it to the school bus with time to spare. I was productive at work. I met a friend for lunch. And then. I started feeling feverish. And, alternately, the chills kicked in. By the time I [...]

Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Is OK

Five OK things:

An interview with the immensely talented Marjane Satrapi.

This Sunday there will be a free showing of the silent film Nosferatu (at a Minneapolis church, of all places).

I didn’t get to see Justice perform here last week, but I did read a decent review of the NYC show.

Indecision. Made me snicker.
The No Coast Craft-O-Rama [...]

Breathe Two Three

It was glorious to have such a warm, sunny Saturday. But the return of the sun brought with it hordes of Asian lady beetles and box elder bugs. They do usually appear in our neighborhood every October, but the recent gloom had been keeping them at bay. The same gloom that had been killing [...]

All of A Sudden I Miss Everyone

It has been a ridiculously dull week. I am desperate for some good times, but the kid doesn’t want to leave the house. Where is the in-between?
Also? I am not a chew toy, even though I may squeak when bitten. Freddy can be so sweet and affectionate - but at times he is way too [...]

Stick to the B-E-A-T

Yesterday I attended my son’s IEP review…and found out that he refuses to have anything to do with the Pledge of Allegiance. I think his teachers wanted to know if he was some sort of conscientious objector (we are the crazy vegans, after all) but it’s not like that. He isn’t against all authority. He [...]

The Places That Were Precious

We woke up in Duluth and it was wonderful. The whole weekend was a delight. But the day was bittersweet, as I knew it would be. If my brother had lived he would’ve been 37 years old today. He loved Duluth too. On our last trip together there he bowled a 225 (at the age [...]