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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Filled With Grace

Today we celebrated my ex-husband’s daughter’s first birthday (it’s less complicated than you’d think, really). She is adorable. And her party was probably the only thing that could have drawn me out of my hidey hole. And into this science fiction-like wind chill advisory weather. -2° that feels like -22°? No thank you. My self-preservation [...]

No Harm to Give

It’s Christmas Eve morning. Soon we begin driving all around the metro for two days of family time with five different familial configurations. But for now I am settled in at my desk, in pajamas, dutifully backing up my computers. And attempting to get some last minute photo editing done. Naturally I’m taking a break [...]

Rat Meat and Rock Gardens

Humans adapt. Behaviors can be changed. Wrong-headed thinking can be corrected. It just takes time. Often too much time but still, change can occur. I’ve seen it in my lifetime. Last week International Human Rights Day happened to coincide with Nelson Mandela’s funeral. I remember first learning about Mandela and other prisoners of conscience when [...]

I Made It Through the Dark

Saturday morning my son and I left the house, headed to the Santopticlaus sale at CO Exhibitions. We didn’t get far. A block from home a neighbor came barreling out of an icy alley and crashed into the front end (driver’s side) of my already much-abused Mazda. The car I have been thinking of getting [...]