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Rat Meat and Rock Gardens

Humans adapt. Behaviors can be changed. Wrong-headed thinking can be corrected. It just takes time. Often too much time but still, change can occur. I’ve seen it in my lifetime. Last week International Human Rights Day happened to coincide with Nelson Mandela’s funeral. I remember first learning about Mandela and other prisoners of conscience when I was in junior high. That’s what kickstarted my activism. Classmates and I even founded our own Amnesty International chapter. Progress has been made since the 80s but when we win, we win in inches. There is still too much injustice on this planet. People with power persecuting those without. Often with the most arbitrary of rationalizations. People with power could be doing more. I was hoping for a greater international response to the discrimination in Russia but I do agree with this: President Obama’s selection of Billie Jean King for the official U.S. delegation to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games is a stroke of genius. Now if Obama would just get cracking on this: Gay Blood Donors Ban Endures In The U.S., Despite Lacking ‘Sound Science’

Now for five fascinating things:

Speaking of humans adapting…all of last week my sad smashed-up car sat out in front of my house. But I was able to work from home, which was great. It was snowy and cold anyhow. When I did need to get somewhere I took an Uber car. That’s how I met up with my boyfriend at the Trylon after work for a screening of “The Punk Singer” (amazing, btw) and at my company’s holiday party (so my boyfriend wouldn’t have to haul ass from the other side of the metro to pick me up before either happening). Eventually the other driver’s car insurance returned my call. On Friday afternoon. Nearly one week from the day of the accident. They were apologetic and arranged for my car to be towed within the hour (though I haven’t yet heard from the auto body shop) and I took yet another Uber car to the car rental place. Where I was given an oversized American car to drive around in, all expenses paid. I can barely reach the pedals. Now while my beloved little car is being patched up, yet again, I’m back to debating whether or not I need a car of my own. But it may take some time before I land on a decision.

Clockwork "Off the Clock" Party

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