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Monthly Archives: February 2010

The Clouds Were Hungry

The last several days have been a whirling blur. I haven’t been able to focus long enough to write about any of it. Instead I will highlight a few of the fun bits. Thursday night we went out for drinks and dinner at the King & I Thai to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday. That [...]

Too Much Monkey Business

Over the last several years I’ve been hearing about group purchasing power in China:
Chinese consumers are using the Internet to organize themselves into powerful bargaining groups that use their large numbers to negotiate discounts on products of all kinds.
I was pleased to see that notion spread to the states, in the form of Groupon (but [...]

Straighten Up And Fly Right

Saturday night I skipped out on the Retribution Gospel Choir show (with just a twinge of regret) in order to stay within St. Paul city limits (as I’d left my son with some of my old friends and their kids), opting to see some of my favorite people and their new band instead. Voytek was [...]

Breath and Step

Thursday was an excellent day for me, on a personal level, though it was chock full of reminders…of the impermanence of all things. In the afternoon there was a devastating fire in the Lynnhurst neighborhood of Minneapolis, destroying a corner that had been home to several popular, locally-owned businesses. Including the Blackbird, where a friend [...]

The Engineering Of Victory

Yesterday I was feeling pretty motivated and happy about getting things done, at work and at home. This would have been unmitigated awesomeness only it was marred by an unfortunate 80s earworm that lodged itself into my brain. Thanks a lot Matthew Wilder for this: “ain’t nothing gonna break my stride, nobody gonna slow me [...]

Grace(less) Under Pressure

Somehow I survived last week’s stressors, but didn’t do so without griping (well, really that is precisely how I did get through it, with all the complaining). Thanks to everyone who put up with me. Happily this week is off to a much better start already. The boy’s school was closed today so we skipped [...]

Advancing The Conquest

For some time friends and acquaintances have been urging me to venture into the unknown. The realm of online dating. Yes, I am online everywhere else with accounts at nearly every attempted social media venture that’s come along in the last 15+ years. So why not take it a step further and be even more [...]

Shake Our Hips As We Collide

Now that we have the car back I don’t want to go anywhere. Partially as I’m a bit anxious that one of the many crater-sized potholes out there will swallow us down into the hollow earth. But more so because I am a fickle little woman who complains about not being able to go out [...]

Salvation and Damnation

Well, my ego has been under attack this week. My current car crisis is taking its toll on my self-esteem. I’ve always thought of myself as self-sufficient. But with the already woeful condition of my finances I’m having to borrow money to cover the car repairs. So that I can use said car to get [...]

Shouting At The World

STOP RAINING ON MY PARADE! Seriously though, what gives world? I realize the potholes I’ve been hitting (figuratively and literally) are small things, in the grand scheme of things, but they are stress-inducing sleep-wrecking things just the same. So, in the latest edition of Fuck My Life…Tuesday. Every Tuesday my son hangs out at my [...]