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The Clouds Were Hungry

The last several days have been a whirling blur. I haven’t been able to focus long enough to write about any of it. Instead I will highlight a few of the fun bits. Thursday night we went out for drinks and dinner at the King & I Thai to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday. That was lovely but the big big fun came Friday night for his 30th birthday extravaganza at the Turf Club. Visiting with good friends from in and out of town, seeing three bands I love, watching as the birthday boy became more and more inebriated and placed a too-small cowboy on his head…all wonderful. Though I was tempted I skipped the after party in order to get some much-needed sleep. Saturday I retrieved my son (who had awesome times himself at two separate sleepovers Thursday and Friday) and we headed to yet another social gathering. Some dear friends are having their first kid(s) in May - twins! Yesterday we went to their babies shower - it was all kitties, tattoos, Fresca-loving ladies and cupcakes.

Five or so more good things:

When I do get my wits about me I will recount my un-fun adventures from this same time frame including the attempts to find a different school for my son and the court date with the seething neighbors. Woo-freaking-hoo. For now, it’s back to The Wolf’s Hour in all its cheesy page-turning glory.

Taylor & Emily

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