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Monthly Archives: August 2019

The Age of Impatience

Simultaneously wanting to fast forward to September (just next week) while panicking that I don’t have enough time. We are moved into our new place. And I love it. But we aren’t completely moved out of the old one. I took a vacation day yesterday. The idea was to clear out more clutter in the [...]

Fight, Flight, Freeze, or Fawn

Aging is an interesting process. Some people seem to get stuck. I’ve been trying to get unstuck. Four or five years ago I found a therapist. I experienced a lifetime of serious trauma that I hadn’t processed but never realized to what extent it impacted my life. I’m sure my therapist was very aware right [...]

Telling the Story Without Knowing the End

Lately every news cycle is even uglier than the last. But I need to take care of myself. And to keep my forward momentum going. Fostering that positive mental attitude. Trying to quash the negative self-talk and work on the gratitude. To that end, I find myself grateful for many things:

After weeks of back and [...]

This Little Light of Mine

What a world. I was stricken last night, after the first mass shooting was reported in Texas. And woke up to news of the second terrorist attack, in Ohio. I found myself sobbing. In need of a break, I carried on with my usual Sunday activities. Laundry, cooking, listening to podcasts. The Moth usually makes [...]

Operation Not Actually A Completely Terrible Plan

It’s been an eventful year for Team Sharyn. At the start of 2019, I began teaching evening classes at a local community college. Those days are long, as I teach after working my full-time day job. But it’s been a rewarding experience. Recently I received my contract for the next semester of classes. I will [...]