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This Little Light of Mine

What a world. I was stricken last night, after the first mass shooting was reported in Texas. And woke up to news of the second terrorist attack, in Ohio. I found myself sobbing. In need of a break, I carried on with my usual Sunday activities. Laundry, cooking, listening to podcasts. The Moth usually makes me feel better. I threw on an episode at random. Each story was equal parts cringeworthy and joyful, as they often are, until I got to the final storyteller. Telling a tale of another terrorist attack, in London this time. Toxic masculinity is clearly a global problem. But the US seems to be in the lead for gun-loving white insanity.

In times like these, I need to lean on distractions to get through. I won’t apologize for my coping methods. Especially while my therapist has been on hiatus. Five things to help me feel better temporarily:

Someone I follow on twitter recently relocated from Minnesota to Texas. She just posted a pic from church this morning, where the pews contain laminated instructions for surviving an active shooter event. What a country.

My beautiful son

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