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Operation Not Actually A Completely Terrible Plan

It’s been an eventful year for Team Sharyn. At the start of 2019, I began teaching evening classes at a local community college. Those days are long, as I teach after working my full-time day job. But it’s been a rewarding experience. Recently I received my contract for the next semester of classes. I will continue with that. The first six months of this year I was also seeing someone, rather a lot. I will not be continuing with that. We want different things. I want to be treated with the same kindness, consideration, and affection I was offering him. He does not want to offer any of that in return. Cool.

My son and I had an amazing trip to Amsterdam in April. It was only after that that I decided to buy property again. The first time I bought a house was also after just spending a lot of money and vacation time on international travel. Super counter-intuitive. My travels have made me want to leave the country and not come back. But in both instances, I was buying property for my son. The first time, to have a home to raise a baby/child in. Now? To set up this young adult for success. Rents are skyrocketing everywhere. It will be best for us to have a home base that is ours for the long haul. If I pay too much attention to the news I vacillate between thinking this is even more critical and wondering if it’s all futile. I’ve been trying not to watch the world burn so much. And reducing my caffeine intake. Both are helpful for my anxiety’s sake. But this condo business is finally feeling like a real thing. I pushed the closing date out pretty far - over two months from the day I made my offer - and now closing is two weeks from today. I just received a check for my down payment that I pulled from my retirement funds. Oof. Movers and painters are booked. I need to find an electrician. I’m not buying many new things for the place. But my son hasn’t had a new mattress since his age was still in the single digits. I found an ethically-made environmentally-friendly vegan mattress for him.

This is a big life decision but I believe I’m on the right path. To quell the anxiety, I’ve been re-reading favorite books before bed. And this post title comes from the Martha Wells Murderbot Diaries series. Perfection. Now to continue with the purging/packing cycle.

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